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Jason Everage is the artist know as “High Degree HD”. He was born in Palm Springs, CA however him and his family moved to Oakland, Ca when he was 10 years old for a brief period of time. When he was 11 years old, the family move back to Palm Springs, Ca which is where he lived the remainder of his life. His father Jerome Everage and his Mother Shiela Everage sparked his interest toward music at a very young age. He began taking guitar lessons at 7 years old. Little did his parents and the rest of his family know he was also talented in singing and in raping. At the age of 9 High Degree was writing songs to beats he downloaded from the internet and by the age of 14 High Degree was recording in his very own home studio. His sisters Natalie, Keysha and Daniel were his main support system. A short period after High Degree wrote, and produced his first local radio single on 97.7 called “It’s on tonight” under the name of Fresh Boss there was no stopping him from achieving his goals and his dream of becoming a major artist. High Degree was always making music and doing shows trying to be discovered. After a short period of time, one of his hit songs called “Am 2 Pm” was played on a popular radio station in Palm Springs known as U92.7 with his new and improved sound. This song was produced by King C , at Caching Records from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. By the age of 18 High Degree was getting closer to his dream of becoming a major artist. On Myspace.com he hit up Street Light Ent. and became good friends with Flossy of Street Light music who is the partner of Fingazz, a producer. After taking his advice, and a year of planning High Degree moved to San Diego, Ca. His first show as High Degree (HD) was at the Onyx Room, a club in down town San Diego known as the gas lamp district. After that show he performed at the women’s football league during half time for the Sol Cal Scorpions and the Bay Area Bandits in San Diego, CA. While in San Diego, High Degree performed with artist Lil Kim at 4th& B in down town San Diego, Gas Lamp, on July 15th 2010. Currently, High Degree has been doing independent shows at the local night clubs in Palm Springs, Ca. and in Hollywood CA. as well .He also performed with Travis Porter A Major performing group at the key club in west Hollywood CA. on May 30th 2012. To this day he still continues to exercise his song writing skills for himself and others.And he is now networking on the east coast to expand his career as a entertainer. High Degree looks up to singer Ginuwine, and rap artist 2pac.

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