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@little-e • 2 years ago
@little-e • 2 years ago
@little-e • 3 years ago
Little E
About Little E

2 Pac is a huge inspiration/influence for me with his ingenious mind always wanting

to do more and be different not just with his music but also with inspirational

speaking, i studied almost every documentary of him i really looked up to him

because he always was eager to learn more no matter how people looked at him I'm

kind of the same way I always wanted to be a music artist that people can look at say

i love his music but look at me behind the music and see and love who I really am

and be able to take knowledge/wisdom from. Wiz Khalifa is another huge influence

for me because he is not only is he extremely talented he is very smart in business

and he broke the barrier and really showed the naysayers in the world that you can

smoke and still be very successful and his music is what i have been searching for

my whole life since I started loving rap music with his relaxed but yet charismatic

style brings peace and happiness showing u can enjoy life as long as u stay true to

what u believe in. I am a weed smoker and believe in the marijuana culture, i love

his nonĀ­stop work ethic making each song better than the last i hope to one day work

with Wiz and one day hopefully being with his Taylor Gang family after becoming a

well known artists. Rick James is another big influence on me living life to the

fullest and his music fulfills me with joy.

If i wasn't able to do music I would probably be a Mechanic i am very good with my

hands and just the craft of being able to fix different things in a car i love and or

open up a expanding business giving homeless kids shelter i want to be able to help

others in the up most way, what better way to do it ?!!!

What i want people to see in me and my music is that i just love music beyond

description putting my absolute all into it and i just wanna fill people with happiness

as well as just making people love my rap music some people can relate to my music

and some cant but i wanna show them my talent how much my heart is in it and

making people who don't think there is any good rap music out there to change their

perspective and just LIVE LIFE to the fullest!!!

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