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In The Shadows

This Is For You Feat: Dj Corbett
Mr Burns
About Mr Burns

Hard on the grind, Mr. Burns has been working as an underground preforming artist in the Canadian music scene for years. Even at a young age he has been developing his craft from school performances to writing daily. At the age of 13, Mr. Burns began writing lyrics and mastering his skills & 'till this day has not stopped. This artist has learned what it
takes to make it in the industry.

He has enjoyed much success in the recent years, such as being nominated for a Ontario Independent Music Award and winning Best Hip-Hop at the Barrie New Music Awards. Within the last few years he did a song with two legends in the game Ice T and Kool Moe Dee, and he joined the Bronx based rap group Heistclick. In the past 5 years Mr. Burns has released 2 albums with is Group and 3 solo records. Also this year Mr Burns started his own record label called Music B4 Money Records.

From Philadelphia, Pa. to Vancouver B.C. Mr.Burns has been tearing up the stage non-stop. He has been getting phenomenal reviews on both sides of the border. Things are now on the rise for this amazing artist originally from Lindsay, Ontario. This summer he looks to embark on a nation wide tour with his long time friend Kris Monico. HeistClick and Mr. Burns are working on there next releases call "The Conspiracy" and "In the Shadows" slated for release this summer. Together they have invaded the United States and Canada with a different, yet familiar feel to Hip-Hop. With Radio play in 26 countries and steady flow, true story lyrics & a drive that makes NASCAR look like a steam engine, the spotlight is on & the world is his stage.


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