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genre: hip/hop
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About SeanPlanes

Born & Raised in the streets of Baltimore City, Shaun Davis AKA "Sean Planes" is destined for greatness. "I may have started late, but the passion has always been there"-(Sean Planes). Shaun started making beats at the age of 18, while attending high school. It was while attending high school that he met fellow student and local rap act, Robert Walker (Big Rob) who also shared the same dream, music. "The way me and Rob started off was crazy, he called one day and said "yo what you doin?" I said "making beats" and he said "really? You know i rap?" and the rest was history"-(Sean Planes). Shaun started off putting together beats for Rob in hopes to make their dreams come true. With Shaun's production and Rob's vocals, the 2 would soon gain the attention of a local rap label "Southpaw Ent" that had major following at the time. Impressed with the material and the ambition that both Shaun and Rob possessed, the label decided to allow them to come aboard. A decision that would eventually include Rob joining the label's hip/hop group and lead act "A.O.N." which stands for all or nothing. Shaun's first official placement came in 2010, where he produced 4 of the 14 songs on the A.O.N. album entitled "Tha Legacy", which was available through on itunes, amazon, zune, etc. "That was a huge milestone for me. The album got so much positive feedback and I felt like my hard work was paying off"-(Sean Planes). Since then, Shaun has also crafted a string of hits for other rap acts as well such as, Rickie Jacobs, Rome, Moe Munnie, Mr. Supe, G5 Leem, Quizzy B, and Real Fam, Dptheemcee, L-Dos, J-NO, etc . "This is a constant grind for me. I 'm waiting for the day I turn on the radio and hear that smash record blasting through the speakers, or the night I go the club and hear my song on and everyone just starts going crazy, or just to open up that album artwork and see Sean Planes in the credits. I'ma make sure that they get tired of me"-(Sean Planes).

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