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Tru Tecknique Da Midwest Phenom

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Tru Tecknique
About Tru Tecknique

Rap/Hip Hop Artist Jacob Thompson aka "Tru Tecknique" found his love for music at the age of 15. He started off free styling lyrics which caught attention from massive amounts of people due to his quick yet smooth lyrical flow. 

Originally from San Diego, CA, he ended up residing in Colorado for most of his early teen years.  Being very highly driven and motivated, he decided to venture out and explore different opportunities to develop his musical style and lyric writing skills.  He traveled throughout the states in his late teens on a mission to enhance his craft so he was able to fully pursue music and make his passion a career. While in the studio and consistently writing songs during his travels, his life experiences are expressed in his songs with each track expressing raw emotion, straight forward delivery with an undeniable flow.  

In April 2014 Tru Tecknique received a write up in the Colorado Music Buzz as being their featured artist of the month.  

In the summer of 2014 he dropped his first full length album titled "From The Ashes" which quickly spread throughout the country and received airplay.  His tracks off of the album "Take A Note" and "Never Hesitate" received play on 1 Blunt Radio, G.W.M.S New York, Mile High Underground and Callywood Radio.  International station, Hip Hop A.U. out of Australia played tracks titled "Dying Breed" as well as "Chasing The Ghost" which became his most requested song by Australian fans.  

In July 2015, he dropped his sophomore album titled "Hellraisers" through Elevated Sound Productions.
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<span "font-size:13.0pt;="" font-family:helvetica;color:#141823;background:white"="">In August 2015, he recently finished his second run performing on the "Indie Boom Explosion Tour", which toured 15 states ending in Los Angeles, CA.  

Tru Tecknique captures the crowd with his smooth swift lyrical flow combined with his high energy stage performance that appeals to audiences across the masses.


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